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international business development

International Business Development

Let us identify new business opportunities whether that means new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, new ways to reach existing markets or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets and then explore those opportunities to bring in more revenue. 

 Fontes Marketing Consulting  is a rapidly growing firm that specializes in helping small and medium-size enterprises (SMES) achieve their goals through successful expansion into new international markets in the private and business aviation industries.


To help your company achieve its goals, especially when those goals include entering new markets, you need a partner who understands the finer points of the aviation industry and who has the established contacts to ease your entry into your target market.

 Our wealth of aviation industry expertise and network of influential contacts gives our team first-hand knowledge of the governmental and industry trends and issues that you will need to develop a successful product introductory program.  

international BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT services


In today’s competitive marketplace, your customers often make up their mind about the value of your product or service simply by looking at your website, brochure or social media presence.

The immediate perception of your company and products is key to your success. For even the most sophisticated businessperson, trying to establish relationships in an unfamiliar country and do business in an unique way is a very stressful and uncomfortable situation.

But in order to grow and take full advantage of today's emerging general and business aviation opportunities globalization is no longer an option; it is a necessity.

Attract | Engage | Convert

we offer the following marketing services

Marketing Strategy


 Marketing strategy should have the customer satisfaction as the main goal. It’s a key component for the marketing strategy to be in line with the corporate’s goals, mission and strategy.  

Market Survey


 Ongoing customer surveys to identify customer needs, trends, complaints and behaviors. Surveys conducted through different channels: website, mail, email, trade shows etc.  

Social Media Management


 Dynamic relationship with customers throughout Social Media. Take as much as possible all advantages of the web to engage with customers. 

Corporate Identity | Branding Development


Developing a brand requires your ability to distinguish yourself in the marketplace and your absolute commitment to providing the highest quality/service that your brand proclaims.  

Website Development | Maintenance


Need a website that engage customers?

 We help our clients harvest and optimize audience engagement data and turn it into relevant customer experiences. 

Marketing Collateral | Booth Display


Brochures, stationary and booth graphics creation that will deliver a consistent and catchy message to your target audience.

trade shows

Maximizing your trade show effectiveness

International companies that would like to exhibit at international trade shows are faced with a wide variety of challenges. From the basics of selecting and reserving the best booth space to arranging hotel accommodations, to pre- and post-even press coordination, there is a seemingly endless list of details that have to be attended to in order to ensure that you are getting the most positive exposure out of your trade show investment.

We can help your company with all the details to optimize your attendance at major aviation trade shows in the US and other major aviation events around the globe. We will work with you to create the most effective and cost-effective plan. Our team has decades of experience working with all of major aviation trade shows and events.

Typical trade show services include:

• Overall booth plan & organization

• Translation of current marketing collateral & press releases

• Overall press conference plan & organization

• Booth exhibit creation and design

• And much more…

Ongoing support services:

The opportunities for media and customer contacts do not end with the close of the trade show. We also offer ongoing assistance that can include monthly or annual programs to help you maintain and grow visibility between key events. 



Cross-cultural representation: Entering a new international market is an extremely complicated and challenging process that requires a clear understanding of culture, customs, language, behavior & accepted business practices. One false step can quickly undo months of planning and investment. Were are here to ensure your efforts stay true to your goal. We have helped a number of new-entrant companies successfully establish and develop a presence in new markets.  

media relations & pr

Get press coverage that scales faster than your business.

Our goal is to build a relationship between you and the target media where a story or blog is not complete if it does not include your company or product.  

Not only do we know how to write the perfect press release, we know where to send them for the maximum reach. Press release distribution is key in any effective media relations plan and we’ve got you covered.