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I'm Ana Cunha, founder of Fontes Marketing Consulting, Inc..

FMC was founded in 2009 to help private and business aviation companies take full advantage of growth opportunities in emerging countries. We provide International Business Development and Marketing consulting services. 

I'm a Brazilian born and a naturalized citizen of the United States. I lived half of my life in Brazil, the other half in the US and few months in France. Travel, aviation and experiencing different cultures are my passion.

I was bitten by the "aviation bug" since my first job working in this industry. After spending few years opening new markets, developing marketing strategies and building a strong global network for few companies, I decided to open my own consulting business, Fontes Marketing Consulting, Inc. . 

I have an extensive background in aviation business growth and development in international markets such as United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia.  Identifying new business opportunities for my customers and developing strategies to expand sales is what motivates me.

I can help eliminate boundaries and help establish positive cross-cultural communications and lasting relationships.For even the most sophisticated businessperson, trying to establish relationships in an unfamiliar country and communicating with people who speak a different language is a very stressful and uncomfortable situation. But in order to grow and take full advantage of today’s emerging general and business aviation opportunities, globalization is no longer an option – it is a necessity.

 "I have helped companies to grow sales exploring international markets and I can do the same for your company. "   


Cell: +1-305-821-9559


Ana Cunha     -      
Photo by von Puttkammer Media
Ana Cunha - Photo by von Puttkammer Media

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