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Maximizing your trade show effectiveness in the U.S. and Brazil


Brazilian companies who would like to exhibit their products and services at U.S. air and trade shows as well as American companies that would like to exhibit their products and services in Brazilian trade shows are faced with a wide variety of challenges.

From the basics of selecting and reserving the best booth space to arranging hotel accommodations, to pre- and post-even press coordination, there is a seemingly endless list of details that have to be attended to in order to ensure that you are getting the most positive exposure out of your trade show investment.

Companies and individuals who are not familiar with all the details necessary to successfully participate in the popular U.S. or Brazilian based aviation trade shows often learn too late that they overlooked a critical element in their plan.We can help you and your company with all the details to optimize your attendance at major aviation fly-ins and trade shows in Brazil and the U.S. Trade show is a great place to introduce a company and its products into a new market. It’s also a good way to test if there’s a need to your products in that market. We will take care of the whole organization and even work at your booth, so you will have a Brazilian helping you to make the right connections.

Acting as your direct U.S. and/or Brazilian contact, my team and I will work with you to create the most effective and cost-effective plan. Our team has decades of experience working with all of the major aviation trade shows and events.

Our range of available coordination services range from arranging your booth space to a completely inclusive package that will ensure the best overall exposure to the media and event attendees.

Typical trade show services include:

• Choosing which trade shows or conventions to attend

• Helping you create your company’s primary message

• Determining what the media wants and needs to know about your company, product or service

• Translating your current literature and press releases

• Creating new advertising and press materials

• Planning and hosting a press conference or customer event

• Help and guidance with designing, producing and manning your booth exhibit

• And much more…

 Ongoing support services.

 Of course, the opportunities for media and customer contacts do not end with the close of the trade show. We also offer ongoing assistance that can include monthly or annual programs to help you maintain and grow visibility between key events.