Representation: we can be your company representative in Brazil

Cross-cultural representation:

Entering a new international market is an extremely complicated and challenging process that requires a clear understanding of culture, customs, language, behavior and accepted business practices.

One false step – even a seemingly insignificant one – can quickly undo months, if not years, of planning and investment.

Fontes Marketing Consulting is here to ensure your efforts stay true to your goal. Our Founder, Ana Fontes, is Brazilian born and a naturalized U.S. Citizen. She has spent her career working in and traveling between the two countries and other areas of South America. Relying on her unique multi-cultural vision, Ms. Fontes has helped a number of new-entrant companies successfully establish and develop a presence in on both continents. She has established connections among various business leaders and governmental representatives in Brazil and leaders in U.S. based business and general aviation companies and organizations.

If your company has no business at all in Brazil and you would like to test the potential of that market, we can work as your company sales representative/agent.

This is a good way to start expanding your business into a new market. It will give some exposure to your products without investing a lot of money. So, you can expand as your business grows.reps

You can trust Fontes Marketing Consulting to be your link to a successful business connection in Brazil and the United States.