Our Team

Our Team

To help ensure that Fontes Marketing Consulting will always provide our clients with the best aviation marketing services and capabilities, we have assembled a team of the most talented and highly-respected experts in their particular fields including marketing, communication, trade show coordination, media relations and photography.

Ana Fontes
Executive Director
Email: anafontes@fontesconsulting.com




I’m Brazilian and have lived in the USA since 1999.

I have always been and still am fascinated by the difference between cultures and languages. Some time ago, I went to France to learn a second language, as well as to experience the French lifestyle, culture and business practices for myself. It was truly wonderful and made me interested in learning more about other cultures. Years later I decided to move to the US with my family.

During those years, the Internet was booming and thousands of “dot coms”; were created daily. I felt it was important to understand this new “virtual” way of doing business. I chose to go back to school in Dallas, receiving a certificate in Internet and E-Commerce Technologies after 2 years.  The World Wide Web fascinated me in the same way cultures do, because it brings the entire world together through one simple thing: the computer.  How amazing!

During the next few years, I dedicated myself to learning all I could about the Internet. I developed several websites for a variety of companies in different areas. I found my work to be very interesting since I had a chance to learn a little bit about each business. I also found that many of these businesses shared commonalities, such as opportunities, challenges, competition, and customer service practices.

After several years of creating websites, it was time to pursue new opportunities. I went to work for an aviation company as a Webmaster, creating new websites for the company and boosting their performance nearly 300%. Soon, they offered me the opportunity to move into Marketing and I jumped at the chance since this had always been my goal. In Brazil, my background was marketing and it was a natural fit for me. Very quickly, I discovered my passion for aviation, and was thoroughly bitten by the aviation bug!

As my marketing activities expanded, I also began working as a business developer for the company. The “synergy” of these departments is exciting and brings all the best parts of my work together. My passion for my work and the ability to understand different cultures including the unique ways of doing business throughout the World continues to provide me with wonderful opportunities to create the best ingredients necessary for the successful opening of new markets and the expansion of existing ones.