Makino, Inc.

 Makino contracted with Ana Fontes to help us set up our distribution and service channel in Brazil.  During the two year period that she worked with us she was instrumental in helping us interview and select our distributor,  establish contacts with marketing and industry associations, interviewing and aiding in the selection of our support personnel in Brazil.  

She has also established our initial marketing budget for the region and helped us plan and then represented us at several large trade shows in Brazil. 

Ana studied our industry and products. She very quickly became conversant with our employees, our distributors and our competitors about the markets and out strategies. 

During her work with us Ana always conducted herself with the highest integrity.   She was very careful with company money, yet she displayed a willingness to be bold and courageous with her recommendations. 

She has a very keen eye for talent and has displayed a remarkable intuition about people.   I relied on her judgment repeatedly during her engagement with us. 

She worked for us from her Dallas office, commuting between Brazil and Cincinnati.  After her meetings and trips she worked hard to keep everyone informed of her activities, through phone and written communications. She traveled with customers to Japan and displayed and ease about all the cultures and countries she visited with us. 

She has very high standards for quality and a vision for detail.  As our products are highly technical and priced at the high end of the market, these qualities allowed her to quickly fit into our culture and corporate thinking and then to correctly represent us in the market. 

As she was representing us in Brazil, Ana was very careful about translations when she played a role of interpreter for us, making sure that the nuances and feelings in the spoken words were always understood on both sides.

I have the highest amount of respect and admiration for her work, her energy and her abilities and would highly recommend her as a business partner for any work that involves the Brazilian markets, culture and business.




Donald Lane

Makino Inc.