Aviation Consulting Group

In a very difficult period for Superior Air Parts,I was retained as President and CEO to help  the company in several ares. The company was at a critical juncture in an engine certification program with the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA),as well as being behind the power curve in a number of technological areas.Ana was hired to develop a new and dynamic website in order for the company to better educate customers,and to market and sell our products more efficiently.
The results were amazing.Not only was Ana a self-starter and motivator,she worked long hours with a limited amount of supervision.Not only did the company's website go from one of the worst in the industry to one of the best-but customer interest and resulting sales increased dramatically. In addition,her design helped meet many of the new requirements of the FAA.
It was only a short time later that the company learned to use her skills,ability,and professionalism more thoroughly.She quickly progressed to marketing,developing sales and management presentations and managing and attending trade shows to the great benefit of Superior.She also opened th Brazilian market to significant growth after years of stagnation.
After the transition period in which the company was sold ,I retained Ana to develop and maintain the website fro Aviation Consulting Group,Inc.The results have been similar with numerous contacts for services of ACGi,and we still maintain our business relationship with Ana.
I heartily recommend Ana Fontes.

Charles B. "Chuck" Dedmon

Aviation Consulting Group,Inc.