No matter what country you are working in, good relationships are the cornerstone of successful business. The more people know, like and trust you, the more they are likely to do business with you. Especially on a first-time basis.

It’s the same with media and public relations. The more the people writing the stories and blogs know about your company or product, the more likely they are to include your information in a story or posting.
Our goal is build a relationship between you and the target media where a story or blog is not complete if it does not include your company or product.

We have exceptional relationships with all of the major sport, private and business aviation print and online editors and writers. Our media and public relations experts will track the editorial calendars of the major publications in your primary and secondary markets to maximize your media coverage opportunities.

Media and Public Relations services include:

• Editorial calendar tracking and planning in primary and secondary markets
• Write and distribute press releases
• Social media participation/representation
• Act as your direct media contact
• Write white papers
• Host telephone interviews with editors and writers
• Create and maintaining your photo library
• Actively track print and online media coverage
• And much more.

Trade Show Specific Media Relations

You invest a lot of money in attending industry trade shows. And with proper planning they are the ideal times to get your company and products timely coverage in key industry media. Our trade show media relations services, include:
• Writing and distributing press releases
• Arranging pre-event briefings
• Arranging on-site press conferences and one-on-one interviews
• Tracking media exposure after the event
• And much more.